Our Values

Automation is going to matter to everyone.

These are our values:

We live and breathe safety

Safety is at the core of our product and our daily work. We embody this value every day as we develop, test, and operate our technology. Central to this value is the need to act with integrity. We are asking the world to trust us to play an important role in the future of trucking, and we must earn that trust with honesty, transparency, and collaboration.

We think long term

Our goal is to build a real commercial product at scale. To reach that long term goal, we invest in the technology that will result in a safe, reliable, and scalable product. We also invest in the team that will help us get there by creating a culture that is generous, flexible, and built on mutual trust and respect.

We make technology that helps people

Our products will improve truck driver livelihoods, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve transportation.

We are relentlessly focused

Our core mission to help improve the freight industry drives our engineering development and our product vision. We prioritize spending our time and energy on the things that are critical to achieving our mission.

We are committed to diversity

From day one we are dedicated to assembling a team with many backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and to making our workplace inclusive for everyone.

Join our team and help contribute to our important mission.