Ike is building cutting-edge automation technology to help improve the trucking industry.

Our vision

Ike is building technology to automate the safe and reliable highway transportation of freight. Automation is going to matter to everyone and we have a responsibility to make sure it is well designed, carefully tested, and makes people’s lives better. We take that responsibility very seriously and are building trucking technology with people in mind from the start.

We envision a world where automated trucks powered by Ike’s technology will focus on highway driving. We know driving a truck is a tough job, and that truckers do so much more than sit in the cab and steer a wheel. That’s why the more complex and high value leg of the journey to and from the highway will need drivers in manually driven trucks.

We care about safer roads, high-skilled jobs for high-skilled people, massively increasing the efficiency in our freight transportation system, and better connecting our American cities and towns. Trucking is the industry that connects all of us and our mission is to realize a future where trucks will be safer, truckers more valued, and trucking more productive.



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